We are developing FAST Networks and Media Channels in C-Level and publishing the news from our networks. We also organize events for technologies in fast that we call FAST for : Fintech, AI, Startup/Software/Security, Telco. 

As events we focus on pitches as our channels/event brands are StartPitches.com and AI-Pitch.com.

All Pitchers make 5 minutes presentation about their products/startups and another 5 minutes for Q&A Session. The event place is Zoom and streaming live at youtube. Questions come from Zoom Attendees from C-Level FAST Networks/Confederations and Youtube watchers. The events will be online at Youtube and StartPitches.com and AI-Pitch.com

Welcome if you add value : Contact@Glocaal.com 

Welcome to New Generation Journalism/NEWS HUB for Business in Africa, in Asia and in between,

We are Group of Business, Technology, Digitalization Leaders from Africa, MENA, Europe, Asia and Pacific, 

Any news at you see AfroAsiaBusiness.com that all related with us and we know the contacts of these news directly. This is new jeneration news publishment strategy that we are not only inform you regional developments beside we are providing you more detail analysis about the news and connect you to related business leaders about the certain news that you are interested. So we are connecting business leaders for C-Level Business Development.

Our partners send their news easily to publish at AfroAsiaBusiness.com by sending the news to Partner@AfroAsiaBusiness.com  . These emails from you will come to Publications Que on AfroAsiaBusiness.com website and after approve they will published under the related categories... Just add at least 1 photo/image to email , Email subject will be your publication subject, email content will be publication content. Please remove any signature that you dont want to publish at web including your mobile phone/your private photo... You can just add official office communications info in preferably. Sincerely..

Ibrahim Misto - Linkedin/in/ibrahim-misto

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